Dream Team

CrossFit Ostfildern – WOD


Metcon (Time)

Team of Three

135 Kettlebell Swings

M:32/24 F:24/20

135 Box Jumps

135 Air Squats

135 Push-Ups

135 Burpees

135 Pull-ups

135 Lunges

135 Sit-Ups

135 Row (calories)

135 Double-Unders

135 Wall Balls

M:9 F:6

135 D-Ball Slams

M:10 F:6

135 Dumbbell Push Press M:22,5/15 F:15/10

As a team, complete a total of 1755 reps of all movements.

Team of Two:

90 reps each movement

Total: 1170 reps
Everyone must work together on the same movement and move to the next one together.

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